Freedom Babies “Turtles”

Freedom Day Care Nursery

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Turtle Babies ages 0-2 years - 

Our baby areas are called Turtles (our older babies) and Terrapins (our tiny tot babies).  We supply breakfast ranging from baby cereals to weetabix, baby porridge or toast.  A mid-morning baby-snack, followed by a homemade hot lunch or cold buffet.  The afternoon consists of baby-snack, fruit, baby organic biscuits etc., followed by hot dinner or cold buffet.  Our menus are healthy and homely, created by our own in-house cook. We cater for all special dietary needs including wheat-free, dairy-free and vegetarian alternatives.

The Terrapins and Turtles are organised around the needs of each individual baby.  We follow the routine that is best for your baby following consultation with you and completion of a Baby Routine form, which you complete with a member of the team. The Baby Routine, provides a useful guide to your baby’s home routine and lets us see how we can best fit that routine into life with us.

All that you will be required to bring is your own nappies and your preferred choice of formula milk, a change of clothes, a warm coat and to help baby to settle a comforter, or favourite toy from home.  We provide nappy cream to use during nappy changing and factor 50 sun cream for the warmer months. (for details of these, please ask our team)

Potty Training - If your baby is ready to be potty trained, we will work alongside you, to encourage and support your baby at this important milestone.

Settling in Sessions -  We support and encourage flexible settling-in sessions.  We offer a free session to give your baby a taster of how much fun nursery can be. If you and your baby are then happy with us, we invite you and your baby back for a “pre-start” session to enable you and your baby’s key person to get acquainted.   We like parents to feel involved and included in nursery life, as we understand that your baby is your most precious treasure. This time also offers opportunity for you to share with us anything you feel would ease the settling in process. We ask that you complete a Turtle Baby Settling In Record, this provides us with details of your current baby routine, so that we can follow this whilst your baby is with us at Nursery.

Home/Nursery Diary - Our babies have a Daily Diary which comes from home to nursery and is written in by our staff – detailing all the activities, sleeps, nappies, snacks and meals that your baby has enjoyed.

Learning Journey & CurriculumThe babies follow a curriculum loosely based around topics like ‘food’, ‘light and dark’ &‘people who help us’ – the activities for the Turtles are all involving and age related. We celebrate all languages, religions and special days throughout the year. All our babies and children have a Learning Journey. This scrapbook follows your baby through nursery, containing samples of artwork, photos and observations which is always available for you to look at on a daily basis and given to you as a memento of your baby’s time with us when they leave. It also links to Ofsted Guidlines and the Early Years Outcomes, which specifically guides settings on the developmental needs and stages of babies and children.  This scrap book is to be shared by nursery, pre-school and very importantly you at home. It will also be looked at by your Primary School when your little one comes to starting at the age of 5yrs+.

If you have special trips and photographs that you can share with us, please ask for your book, take it home and pop anything of interest in it.

Your baby’s personal belongings - Turtles and Terrapins have personalised coat pegs and also a large personalised drawer for nappies, changes of clothes and comforters and anything that you would like to leave here with us. These trays and hooks are located in your Turtle/Terrapin Room on the Ground Floor.

Turtle and Terrapin Activities - At Freedom we incorporate a broad range of experiences into the play structure.  A sample of what you can expect to see on your baby’s daily diary would include:

•Messy play with paint, water, wobbly jelly, spaghetti, gloop or play dough, making for such happy moments, as the children enjoy the feeling of new experiences with their friends

•Dancing and singing and playing musical instruments with the little ones is such great noisy fun

•Inside and outside toys and play equipment - push and pull-along and ride-on toys, explore the playhouse, sandtray, baby trampoline, slide and swings

•Walks to the park in buggies and around the fields, to give the babies lots of fresh air

•Imaginative play- including home corner, dressing-up, dolls and buggies

•Reading corner – many musical and noisy books, soft play books, books to encourage baby eyes

•Natural exploration table – touching and experiencing a number of items found in daily life

•Young Baby Exploration- including baby gyms, swings, rattles, soft toys and books

•Large Play Equipment- tunnels, slides, climbing frame, rockers, baby walkers and static bouncers

•We use our gardens a great deal and especially in the warmer months, we spend a lot of time outside for play. We have a smooth surface playground where the babies can play in cars and be pushed in ride-ons  - this area helps us in wet weather too.

Our Turtle and Terrapin StaffOur baby area is supervised by qualified and well-trained staff who care for and nurture your baby while providing stimulating and interesting activities relevant to the developmental needs of each child. Throughout the year all staff are offered opportunities for personal and professional development, allowing them to update their knowledge continuously. Practical courses such as First Aid and Food Safety are also undertaken regularly.

Our “Key Person” system ensures that your baby is assigned to a carer who is responsible for:

•Welcoming your baby into nursery upon arrival for each session

•Looking after your baby’s every need whilst in their care, including lots of cuddles

•Making written progress reports in their home/nursery diary as well as giving verbal feedback to parents

•Supervising high chairs & tables at meal times and encouraging cutlery use, drinking from a cup/beaker and good table manners

•Providing a wide variety of experiences to encourage your baby’s development

•Undertaking a personalised Learning Journey of your baby’s learning journey, capturing special moments on camera for keepsakes and referencing those points to the Development Matters, noting relevant progress to your baby’s age

At the end of the nursery day, a member of our team will report to you on the activities and adventures your baby has enjoyed during their session.

If your baby is ill - If your baby is ill we ask that you do not bring them to nursery, particularly if they are infectious. Please ring the nursery and inform us that your child will not be attending. If in any doubt, please give us a call – we will gladly offer an opinion.

We hope you and your family enjoy your time at Freedom and once again....a very warm welcome from Jules, Kath and all the Freedom Team! Please ask any questions you may have of us all, we are happy help.