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Dolphin Pre-School Class ages 3-5 years - Our pre-school students are the Dolphins.  Freedom Pre-school is on the first floor of the building, above the nursery and provides our Dolphins with 4 different exciting rooms to explore.

Our Dolphin Ethos - to give our children fun, colourful and inspiring areas where they can enjoy learning and playing in small groups.  Each area focuses on a different learning goal, from numeracy to role play and all that we do is aimed to provide encouragement to all our children. 

Our learning programme includes both free-play and adult directed activities, supporting and encouraging our Dolphins through every developmental stage with activities that address all their needs in readiness for joining School.

Dolphin Dining Room - where the children have fun choosing and serving their own meals, pouring their drinks and interacting with their friends

ICT Room -The children are very familiar with computers and by this age it is usually no surprise that they can freely operate a computer and really enjoy playing pre-school educational games and other teaching tools.

Numeracy and Literacy Room - Here we use stimulating activities to encourage skills in mathematics and an understanding of numeracy.  The Dolphins are encouraged to develop writing skills, through different fun activities, with plenty of encouragement & praise.

Role Play Room, Art Design & Music Room -  Here our Dolphins engage in art activities using paint, paper, clay and playdough.  They create wonderful models, dabble in sand and water playing with coloured water and tipping and pouring in our water tray. 

Role Play & Music Time, is such an expressive and fun time, we dress up and let our imagination create a whole new world.  We sing & dance, play an instrument and really let loose!!

Our gardens -We use our gardens as much as we can for lesson time, painting, drawing, exploring our outside world and running off lots of energy!!  We play with the sand-tray, trampoline, tricycles, ride-ons and more.  We also have a smooth surface playground where the children can again ride bicycles and cars, wheel dolls prams, play hop-scotch, draw on the chalk-boards and exploring the play house – this area helps us in wet weather too, so outside play-time is never limited all year round. 

The grown ups and how we help Dolphin Pre-School rooms are supervised by Laura Hunt.  Laura is experienced, highly qualified and a very caring, positive individual.  Laura is supported by a team of qualified and well-trained staff who are there to support and nurture your child while providing stimulating and interesting activities relevant to their individual developmental needs. Our Dolphin Team are, Nicola Fudge, Kerry Chambers & Georgie Caton.  Throughout the year all staff are offered opportunities for personal and professional development, allowing them to update their knowledge continuously. Practical courses such as First Aid and Food Safety are also undertaken regularly.

Our Welcome Policy - We have a “Key Person” system that ensures that you and your child  know who is responsible for them throughout their time at Freedom. 

We want involve the family and ‘home’ as much as possible into pre-school life, so when you first come to us we will make sure you are introduced to our team. Our team will:

•Welcoming your child into pre-school upon arrival for each session

•Looking after your child’s every need whilst in their care, including lots of cuddles

•Making written progress reports in their daily diary as well as giving verbal feedback to parents

•Supervising the table at meal times and encouraging good table manners

•Providing a wide variety of activities and experiences to encourage your child’s development

•Undertaking written development profiles and a Learning Journey of your child’s learning journey, capturing special moments on camera for keepsakes and referencing those points to the Development Matters relevant progress to their age

At the end of the nursery day, a member of our team will report to you on the activities and adventures your baby has enjoyed during their session.

Settling in Sessions -  We support and encourage flexible settling-in sessions.  We offer a free session to give your child a taster of how much fun pre-school can be.  If you and your child are then happy with us, we invite you back for a “pre-start” session to enable you and your Key Worker to get acquainted.   We like parents to feel involved and included in pre-school life, as we understand that your child is your most precious treasure. During this time you can tell us anything you feel that would ease the settling-in process.

Daily Diary - Our children have a Daily Diary sheet which is written by our staff – detailing all the activities, sleeps, nappies/toileting, snacks and meals that your child has enjoyed. These sheets are to be taken home at the end of each day.

Learning Journey The children follow a curriculum loosely based around topics like ‘food’, ‘light and dark’ &‘people who help us’. We celebrate all languages, religions and special days throughout the year. All our children and have a Learning Journey. This scrapbook follows your child through pre-school, containing samples of artwork, photos and observations which is always available for you to look at on a daily basis and given to you as a memento of your child’s time with us when they leave.  It links to the Ofsted Guidlines and the Early Years Outcomes, which specifically guides settings on the developmental needs and stages of children.  This scrap book is shared between pre-school very at home. It will also be looked at by your Primary School when your little one comes to starting in the year of the 5th Birthday.

If you have special trips and photographs that you can share with us, please ask for your book, take it home and pop anything of interest in it.

Your child’s personal belongingsDolphin children have their own named coat pegs and baskets. Coats and baskets are located in the hallway. The children are encouraged to put little pieces of artwork or cooking goodies into their baskets, so remember to check at the end of your child’s session.  We encourage the children to tidy up after themselves and find their own coats, boots/shoes and belongings when going outside to play. 

Self Registration & Circle TimeDolphin children are encouraged to find their own name on the self registration board every morning and afternoon as they come into class.  During the morning and afternoon session, we sit together for “Circle Time” in our Groups. Circle Time is when we talk about various subjects and listen to each other, talking about home and our weekend, our topic of the week and other conversations, lead by the children.

We hope you and your family enjoy your time at Freedom and once again....a very warm welcome from Jules, Kath and all the Freedom Team! Please ask any questions you may have of us all, we are happy help.