Illness & Incubation Times

Freedom Day Care Nursery

& Pre-School

Sickness Policy
In the event of your little one being unwell, we will contact you and arrange for collection. If you are unable to collect, we will contact your designated Emergency contact (detailed on your registration form) and discuss collection arrangements.
In the event of your little one being unable to attend due to illness, please endeavour to ring the nursery before 10 am to let us know about their absence and expected date of return.

Below is a list of recommended ‘minimum’ exclusion periods for specific symptoms and conditions.


Antibiotics prescribed           First 24 hours

Chicken Pox                       7 days from when the rash first appeared

Conjunctivitis                     24 hours or until the eyes have stopped weeping

Diarrhoea/Sickness              48 hours

Diphtheria                         2-5 days

Gastro-enteritis,                 24 hours or until advised by the doctor
food poisoning, 
and Dysentery

Glandular Fever                   Until certified well

Hand, Foot and                    During acute phase & while rash & ulcers are present.
Mouth disease

Hepatitis A                         7 days from onset of jaundice & when recovered

Hepatitis B                         Until clinically well

High temperature                 24 hours

Impetigo                            The skin has been treated and the infection has completely cleared up.

Infective hepatitis                 7 days from the onset

Measles                              7 days from when the rash first appeared

Meningitis                           Until certified well

Mumps                               7 days minimum or until the swelling has subsided

Head lice                            Until treatment has been given

Pertussis (Whooping cough)       21 days from the onset

Plantar warts                      Should be treated and covered

Ringworm of scalp                 Until cured

Ringworm of the body             Until treatment has been given

Rubella (German Measles)        4 days from onset of rash

Scabies                              Until treatment has been given

Scarlet fever                       Until declared free from infection by a doctor

Streptococcal infection 
of the throat                       3 days from the start of the treatment

Warts (including Verrucae)       Exclusion not necessary. Sufferer should keep feet covered.

The above times are the minimum length of time your child must not attend the nursery. However, this list does not specify how long it will take for your child to recover and cannot be used as an indication of when you would be able to return to normal activities with us.  Therefore please do not bring your child to the nursery, until the end of the exclusion period and unless he/she is sufficiently recovered from the symptoms/conditions and are fully able to participate in our daily routine.
If you are in any doubt as to whether we can care for your child please telephone beforehand, explaining your symptoms and we will let you know whether we are able to admit you on that particular day.
Please may we ask that you do not turn up with a potentially infectious child, please follow the above steps and contact us by phone before attending. 
In some more serious cases of illness, we may require a doctor's decision as to whether or not there is still a risk of your little one being contagious. We appreciate your co-operation in this matter.