Our Topics

Freedom Day Care Nursery

& Pre-School


Our topics may vary, as we may make adjustments to suit different world and UK events throughout the year.

January - Winter, Time and Weather & Chinese New Year

February - Nursery Rhymes, Stories, Favourite Films and Television Programs

March - People Who Help Us (we have visits from local Fire Service and Essex Police and other people who help us)

April - Approaching Spring, Plants, our Gardens, Growing and Easter planning and making Easter gifts and having our very own Easter Egg Hunt in the gardens

May - Transport and how we get from place to place.  Different forms of transport and vehicles are used by us all everyday and we try and talk about as many of those as we can in our groups.  We usually have a fun visit from a big Bus, this year again we had a visit from the Bus from Dons of Dunmow...which was hugely popular and great fun.

June - Food our Environment and Shopping, where do we shop and what for? What are our favourite foods and our least favourite. Tasting different foods from different regions and countries. Looking at the different parts of the world, what are their favourite foods. We spend time in the Freedom Kitchen with our Cooks: Tracy and Adam, looking at how they cook our lunches and dinner and seeing just how much food we through away and where does it go? How do we keep our environment safe?

July - Sealife, Insects, Animals and how we all feel about our Pets and our favourite animals. The sea and how the animals change in the sea, as we go deeper into the ocean. Insects and what we can find in our Freedom Gardens. How long do insects live? What are the largest and smallest insects, animals and sea animals? We will find out together.

August - Summer, Holidays, The World and Maps of the World & Travel. We talk about our holidays and where we’ve been.  We plot the places we travel to on our World Map. Looking at the season of Summer, pictures of our holidays, what we wear in the summer & taking care in the sunshine.

September - All About Me, Families, Where we live, Our Homes, Our Friends, looking at maps of our area and plotting our homes on the map.

October - Autumn - looking at the changing season of Autumn and our surroundings. Things are changing colour and we discuss why this is happening and look at our own gardens for examples of leaves etc. changing.  We also plan Halloween and look at the different ghostly things that we might see (not too scary of course!) We all dress up for Halloween and we encourage the children to do the same if they wish.

November - Bonfire night, Light and Dark, Space and Dinosaurs. We use torches and darken rooms to see how the day turns to night.  We draw the sunshine...discuss what the world would be like without the warmth of the sun. We talk about Space and Dinosaurs, look at the sky and what are the lights in the sky at night. We talk about Dinosaurs and what they were like...what sound did they like.  We also have our Pudsey Bear week for Children in Need, so join us for Pudsey fun and raise some money for Children In Need.

December - Christmas and the New Year and our Christmas Play!

We are always excited at this time of year. The children have been making christmas decorations and gifts to go home for some time now and are also planning to show us all their Christmas productions...such a fun time for everyone. Ready for a new year and lots of new fun!