Policies & Curriculum

Freedom Day Care Nursery

& Pre-School


Curriculum -  Our curriculum at Freedom, is designed to give our babies & children fun, colourful and inspiring areas - where they can enjoy learning and playing together. We encourage ‘freedom’ and ‘choice’ and our staff are always on hand to offer support and guidance when needed.

Each area of our curriculum focuses on a different learning goal and caters for every age group and stage.  We include both free-play and adult directed activities, that address the needs of the child, from baby to pre-school.

Policies - We have enclosed a few brief examples of our Policies within this website, full copies of all our Policies are available to view when entering the setting, so please ask a member of our staff.

Settling In Policy (in brief) At Freedom we understand that leaving a child for the first time can be a stressful and upsetting time for both carer and child. We will do our utmost to make this as stress free as possible, for parents and children and have set in place the following procedures.

Before a child begins at Freedom parents/carers must complete and return the Child Record Form and contract form, to ensure we have any relevant details that will help with settling your child into the nursery.

Once a place has been offered, we begin by inviting you and your child to visit the nursery prior to your child's official start date. This helps to familiarise your child with the nursery, the nursery staff and the other children. You also have an opportunity to view our routines, ask any questions or discuss any concerns you may have and for Babies we complete one of our Daily Routine Sheets to give us details of your child’s current routines.

Our Key Person role is as follows:

Help baby/child become familiar with the nursery to feel confident and safe, key person develops a bond with the child/parents, offering a settle and close relationship.

Key person meets the individual needs of the child, responds to the care, feelings, ideas and behaviour, talking regularly to the parents.

Each child is assigned a key person to support their development and act as key point of contact with the childs parents along with the senior staff.  Sensitive observational assessments are undertaken in order to plan and develop the individual childs needs and developmental progress.

Special Educational Needs Policy

At Freedom Day Care Nursery & Freedom Pre-School, we believe that the purpose of education is the same for all children. And meeting the educational and personal needs of any special needs children requires the same dedication and attention.

Freedom Day Care Nursery & Freedom Pre-School aims to have regard to the DFES Code of Practice on special educational needs. (Full policy available on request.)

Clothing and shoes policy

Freedom Day Care Nursery & Freedom Pre-School requests that each child is provided with a complete change of clothes. It is an essential component of educative play that children are able to enjoy art and craft activities with, for example, glue, paste, paint, sand, water, etc. Inevitably children will transfer some of these materials to themselves and their clothing. We attempt as far as possible to purchase glue, paste and paint which are "washable", but in practice not everything is washable off all clothing materials. Parents should therefore dress their children with this in mind. The nursery will accept no liability for clothing damaged while the child is at the nursery.  We will also ask that wherever possible that you label your child’s clothes. (Full policy available on request.)

Confidentiality Policy

From time to time it may be beneficial to discuss your child with a third party, eg Class Teacher, Health Visitor in order to fully meet your child’s needs. This will be discussed with you before we speak with other professionals. Information about children and their families will never be shared without permission of the family, except in the interest of protecting children – for instance in the case of suspected abuse. In this case correct procedures will be followed and the information passed only to the appropriate personnel or agencies as set out in such procedures.

It is necessary to make written observations regarding the children in our care. This is required by Ofsted and is beneficial in planning activities for further development and also in dealing with any behaviour concerns. Parental permission is obtained upon registration to the nursery.  Observations used in coursework do not identify the child or their family. (Full policy available on request.)

Parent Partnership Policy

The importance of continuity between home and the nursery cannot be over-stressed. 

Our aim is to develop an honest, open and supportive relationship with you which complements life in your home rather than contradicts it. 

We are very aware of our influence as a role model for your child and without your extensive knowledge of your child; we would be unable to enhance your child's development. 

Please keep us informed of any information you feel would be useful in your child’s development, we are always available to discuss your child and their development. 

Please feel free to look at your child’s Learning Journey or records at any time.  If your child reaches a particular milestone, celebrates a special event or goes on a holiday please bring in a photo to go in their Learning Journey.

(Full policy available on request.)

Complaints Procedure

Statement of intent - Our nursery believes that children and parents are entitled to expect courteous & careful attention to their needs and wishes. We welcome suggestions on how to improve our nursery and will give prompt and serious attention to any concerns about the running of the nursery. Please use our suggestions box in the lobby area. We anticipate that most concerns will be resolved quickly by an informal approach to the appropriate member of staff. If this does not achieve the desired result, we have a set of procedures for dealing with concerns.

Aim - We aim to bring all concerns about the running of our nursery to a satisfactory conclusion for all of the parties involved.

Methods - To achieve this, we operate the following complaints procedure.

How to complain

Stage 1  - Any parent who is uneasy about an aspect of the nurseries provision. Please talk over, his/her worries and anxieties with the Nursery Manager.

Stage 2 - If this does not have a satisfactory outcome, or if the problem recurs, the parent moves to Stage 2 of the procedure by putting the concerns or complaint in writing to the Nursery Manager and the owner.

Most complaints should be able to be resolved informally at Stage1 or 2.

Stage 3 - The parent requests a meeting with the Nursery Manager and the owner. Both the parent and the Manager should have a friend/partner or colleague present if required. An agreed written record of the discussion is made. All of the parties present at the meeting sign the record and receive a copy of it.  This signed record signifies that the procedure has concluded.