What should I bring on my first day?

Freedom Day Care Nursery

& Pre-School


On your first day, we would like you to bring the following items with you:

Slippers - We like children to have a set of indoor and outdoor shoes. Please provide your child with a pair of slippers or other suitable indoor shoes. You can leave these at nursery or take them home each time

Wellington Boots - Please provide a pair of named pair of Wellington boots for outside playtime.  These can be left at nursery or taken home each time.  You will find a bag on your child’s peg to store them in.

Spare Clothes  - Please provide us with a spare set of clothes for your child in case they need changing. Even if they are fully potty trained, over exuberant water or sand play can lead to a change of clothes.

Water Bottles - Water is such an important part of our lives and to make sure the children are getting enough of it in their day.  We welcome your baby/child’s favourite beaker or water bottle coming in from home.  The beaker/bottle will then be identified with a name tag and freely available throughout the day. 

Nappies - All our Starfish children that are in nappies, have an identified drawer in our bathroom, where their nappies and comforters or spare clothes, will be stored. You can either bring in a whole pack of nappies or hand some to your room on a daily/weekly basis. Babies in our Turtle Room also have an identified drawer for nappies and spare clothes etc.

And here’s what you can expect from us, on your first day...

Daily Diary - At the end of your baby or child’s day with us, we will provide you with a daily diary, detailing all the fun and activities we had during our day at Freedom.  This is a good reference for parents and families to look over at home and enables you to be really involved in your child’s day.

Homework - The children do have a choice of homework sheets, so do speak to your Room Team about these.  We do not insist on homework but some parents have asked for it and we are very happy and encourage the home-school links (especially in our Pre-School Rooms and older Toddlers) 

Learning Journey - In your baby or child’s first week, we shall be taking a photograph and collecting some information about the close family and favourite playtimes, amongst other things.  This information will form the beginnings of a Learning Journey that will follow your child throughout Nursery and Pre-School.  It is a diary of events and photographs throughout the years and shows specific links to Ofsted Guidlines and the Development Matters, which specifically guides setting on the developmental needs and stages of babies and children.  This scrap book is to be shared by nursery, pre-school and very importantly you at home. It will also be looked at by your Primary School when your little one comes to starting at the age of 5yrs+.

If you have special trips and photographs that you can share with us, please ask for your book, take it home and pop anything of interest in it.